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About Polytan UK

Polytan UK is a one-stop shop for clients seeking industry-leading sports surfaces with all the necessary support services – from designing and manufacturing all the way through to installation.

Our extensive product range is bolstered by Polytan’s decades-long partnership with Sport Group Holding GmbH, a unique group of some of the world’s best-known turf, track, indoor and outdoor sports surface brands, including AstroTurf, Rekortan, Laykold, APT & Melos.

We tailor our products to meet the specific needs of each client, and we do so with a strong commitment to the environment via our Green Technology innovation program.

If you are in the market for an all-weather sport pitch, a sophisticated synthetic turf system, or anything in between, Polytan UK is the all-in-one provider you can trust to deliver to your specifications.

Sustainability at Polytan

Polytan has always attributed great importance to sustainability and environmental compatibility. As a system manufacturer with our own research and development, production, sales and in-house installation technology, we can stay true to this claim in our own special way. All Polytan synthetic turf systems and synthetic surfaces are produced at our advanced production site in Grefrath, Germany with green electricity. Our vision with Green Technology is to develop for sport surfaces a ‘totally green supply chain’ that enables us to create climate-positive products for turf and athletic tracks.

Our Products

With over 50 years of experience, Polytan is the global market leader in sports surfaces. Our constantly expanding and improving portfolio of products for athletics, football, handball, hockey, rugby, tennis and others includes high-speed tracks, all-weather courts, shock-absorbent surfaces, synthetic turf systems, and multifunctional playing fields. Better still, all of our products are designed, manufactured and delivered according to the highest national and international standards set by the governing bodies of each sport, including FIFA, World Rugby, World Athletics, ITF and FIH.

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football - the most popular sport in the world

As in most countries, football is the No 1 sport in the UK and as such pitches across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland see heavy usage on a daily basis.

With our LigaTurf Cross R, we set out to produce a surface that was highly durable so that it could withstand the constant wear and tear of not only football players but athletes of other sports likely to use the pitch.

Because different infills are used to best match the performance of each sport, our biggest challenge was to create a multipurpose infill for LigaTurf Cross R that would remain in place as much as possible while reducing the amount of splash – an occupational hazard for outdoor athletes in a rainy climate.

LigaTurf Cross R System Graphic

LigaTurf Cross R

LigaTurf Cross R has enabled us, as an innovative synthetic turf manufacturer, to develop a football turf that combines both textured and smooth filaments. Thanks to recycled material in the filaments, LigaTurf Cross R is also highly sustainable. 

LigaTurf Cross R is the perfect solution for busy professional training facilities, sports colleges, and amateur and professional clubs alike.


Rugby – the tough but fair sport with a touch of class

Let’s face it, rugby players are going to get bruised and battered no matter where they play the game. But we at Polytan would prefer that cuts and skin abrasions be the result of the actual play and not the pitch itself.

That was the challenge we set for ourselves when developing LigaTurf RS+ R, which also had to be strong and measure up to the highest standards for use at elite sites by professional clubs.

One final hurdle we had to overcome was figuring out how to lower the temperature of the playing surface to bring a measure of respite to the athletes on particularly hot days.

LigaTurf RS+ R

LigaTurf RS+ R

LigaTurf RS+ R tackles the issue of skin abrasions through Sharkskin technology and a performance infill that releases moisture to reduce the likelihood of scratches and cuts.

By incorporating a 100% Polytan ENTANGLEMENT function and increased fibre strength, LigaTurf RS+ R is also reinforced to aid in the shock absorption of head impacts, thereby lessening the risk of serious injury.

Finally, our unique Polytan CoolPlus technology was brought in to lower the on-pitch temperatures by up to 10 degrees – a welcome relief for all during the height of summer.


Field hockey – dynamic, elegant and technically demanding

At Polytan, we receive feedback from the people who matter most: the athletes who use our sports surfaces on a daily basis.

And anyone who has ever played the game of hockey will tell you what a joy it is to compete on a smooth, fast, evenly watered pitch. Nothing can spoil a game more than inconsistent speeds due to waterlogged or water-starved surfaces or a mercurial ball on a bumpy pitch.

When developing our Poligras Paris GT zero hockey turf, therefore, we admittedly set the bar high. We wanted Paris GT zero to become the industry standard for the sport of hockey, which required us to design a quick surface that offered consistent speed and ball roll, was durable and denser than usual, and that could be evenly and either watered or unwatered.

, Polytan sports surfaces UK

Poligras Paris GT zero

High performance meets low environmental impact: Poligras Paris GT zero is the first ever climate-neutral synthetic hockey turf. The positive carbon footprint of Poligras Paris GT zero is due to filaments made of organically based raw materials and a recyclable polyurethane wear coat, the same properties that significantly reduce the weight of the turf and give it ideal playing properties. The high-performance hockey turf enables a precise and dynamic game while ensuring maximum player safety, even during complex playing manoeuvres. In addition, the synthetic turf is highly resistant to changeable weather conditions and strong UV radiation. It can also withstand intensive use over a long period of time, thanks to its durable design. The use of Polytan’s Turf Glide Technology minimises surface friction for unbeatably fast ball-rolling behaviour. It also reduces water consumption while increasing the turf’s player protection properties.


Higher, faster, further – modern synthetic surfaces for athletics

Athletics tracks need to live up to a number of requirements to achieve optimal performance, each of which varies depending on the stakeholder.

Athletes, facility managers, consultants and maintenance crews all seek slightly different qualities in a track, not to mention the local and international standards that have to be met.

Outdoor tracks face the additional challenge of drainage and wearing, and Rekortan M addresses all these issues and more.

Rekortan M

Rekortan M

As a result, Rekortan M has become a favoured surface for elite runners around the world thanks to its exceptional acceleration performance, which makes it ideal for both training and competition.

Facility managers have found Rekortan M to be reliable and affordable thanks to its proven longevity.

Consultants, meanwhile, are a big fan of the track because its quality, durability and life expectancy allow them to perform their jobs with greater accuracy and confidence.

Rekortan M has also been a hit with maintenance workers, as its excellent wearing properties and sturdy surface allow for a simple, stress-free maintenance regime.

If that’s not enough, sports medicine practitioners also support the track thanks to its excellent shock-absorption qualities, which reduce strain on the body and lessen the risk of injury.

Bodenbeläge für Tennis

Game, set and match: One of the most complex sports in the world

Our mission with the Poligras Superplay was to design a playing surface for tennis that would rival traditional clay courts in terms of performance and quality.

This was a tall order considering that clay is one of the surfaces favoured by tennis players globally. Clay courts tend to slow the ball down, taking the advantage away from big servers and allowing baseline and serve-and-volley players to shine.

We also had to ensure that the Poligras Superplay would play well in all weather conditions and be maintenance friendly.

Poligras Superplay


Our Poligras SuperPlay is an excellent solution for tennis. Boasting high resistance and a soft feel, it reduces the risk of injury. The high filament density makes for a realistic feel, rivalling that of an unfilled pitch. Another special feature is the ‘BiColor’ dual colour scheme.

Padel Tennis

Padel tennis – a trend on the rise

Padel is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. It is explosive and entertaining for athletes and fans alike, and new courts are popping up around the world as a result.

The main challenge for padel playing surfaces is that there tends to be heavy usage in concentrated areas of the court. As it is also a fast game, a suitably quick surface is required.

Like tennis, padel can be played indoors and outdoors, so creating a surface suitable for both is another priority, along with ensuring that it be easily maintained.

Poligras Superplay

Poligras Superplay

Poligras SuperPlay, our sand-filled synthetic turf with a soft, pleasant feel and extremely high resistance, not only reduces the risk of injury, but makes the high-speed sport of padel spectacular to watch. Its high filament density ensures a realistic feel, rivalling that of an unfilled pitch.

LigaGrass Pro

These sports surfaces can handle everything

In many countries around the world, school funding is at a premium. Sadly, one of the first activities to face cutbacks is sport.

This is why it was critical for Polytan to develop a multiuse sport surface that was affordable and could be installed easily in limited, open spaces. Above all, we wanted to provide schools with a playing surface suitable for far more than just football to give kids the opportunity to play a variety of sports.

One obstacle we encountered was that many of the governing bodies for sports such as hockey, tennis, netball and others had not yet agreed on certification for such a multisport, multiuse pitch.


Interested in finding out more?

Please contact our experts for a recommendation of products most suitable for the type of GEN2 surface you require.

Etihad Campus, Manchester

Regional Athletics Arena, Etihad Campus, Manchester, UK

Polytan UK in cooperation with Hunts Contractors Ltd, Playdeck UK Ltd and Premier Line Markings Ltd have successfully completed the new 2020 Track Refurbishment of the Manchester Regional Arena Outdoor Athletics Track at The Etihad Campus. The original track built in 2001 using Polytan M system now sports a very impressive new Dark Blue Polytan Rekortan M sandwich system.

The athletics and events track are built to meet and hold High Level Competitions, including Diamond League Events, World Athletics Certification Level 1 and UKA. To meet the highest quality certification under very testing circumstances is testament of the quality to all involved in both workmanship and materials and commitment to achieve.

st george s park indoor pitch

St. George’s Park, Burton upon Trent

peffermill hockey picthes scaled 1

Peffermill Playing Fields, University of Edinburgh

Running Track in Colchester, Essex




We are here for you

Our drive to provide market leading products and services ensures you can choose Polytan with confidence and we look forward to supporting you in your project.

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Ashley Appleby

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Ashley has 20 years of experience in the sports industry, all from a variety of different perspectives, including retail management, wholesale, manufacturing, and as an entrepreneur.

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Colin Ashton

Project/Technical Manager

Colin is driven by his passion for sport and generating positive, long-lasting benefits through the building of sports facilities. He is excited to be working with some of the best products and systems in the world and to be building a better future through sport surfaces for generations to come.

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Improving your athletics experience.

We see success as a responsibility: For the consistent quality of our products. For our customers’ investment in our products. For the social security requirements of our employees. And last but not least, for the protection of our environment. We develop and produce in Germany. But there is more to Polytan than this – Polytan are employees from all over Europe who are dedicated to the same goal – to prepare the perfect sports floor for you.

Polytan UK enjoys trusted partnerships with England Athletics, Welsh Athletics, Scottish Athletics, FIFA, World Rugby, the International Hockey Federation (FIH), and the International Tennis Federation (ITF). We are World Athletics-certified and a Member of the Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA).

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